The Power of the Heart. A Gift from God. Part II

In this installment,

I am going to go a little bit into the esoterics of the Power(s) of the Heart. The Seven-Chakra “system” is one of those areas I am going to be talking about, because there are some very interesting points to be made here. As I dissect some of the knowledge and wisdom, that has been gained through the aeons, that has been long-since forgotten by many of today’s cultures and ethnicities.

Most may think that the concept, “Chakras”, is purely of Far-Eastern origin. This is not correct, however, because knowledge of this subject area has also been found to have far older origins which predate the early Eastward expansions by humanity. Quite possibly, the knowledge of the Chakras was taken Eastward by the Ancient Vedic Peoples, the common ancestral peoples and beliefs of modern-day Buddhism, most of Hinduism, and many other belief systems of the Far East. The idea of the “Seven Energy Centers” of the body is indeed a very old one.

The “Heart Chakra”, being the forth of the seven chakras, places it in the center of that arrangement. This Chakra also is placed at almost toward the center (that is, vertically-close to center) of the torso area. Some place it exactly where the physical heart is, others may consider the whole horizontal-plane area of the torso (at the lower-edge of the chest area, usually) where the heart is located. For those who see or “read” auras and aura-fields, they may see the aura from the Heart Chakra as being close to the center or middle auric field (some would say it has the glow of shades of rich Greens, when healthy). So this would make it more reasonable to say, that the Heart Chakra is “centered on the Being”, and may also act as a “balancing-point” between the physical and the non-physical of Being.

When I was with a Psychic-Awareness group, a few years ago,

We did a lot of Chakra-based mental exercises and meditations. We worked a lot with the Brow Chakra and Crown Chakra centers. Most of the exercises were for developing the ability to “see” and to project our energies towards a desired goal, or whatever we had in mind to accomplish. My natural empathic gift was one of my strongest assets at that time, but the group creator wanted to stress using less of the “physical” side of Being, and using more of the Spiritual side of Being (the upper Chakras). I was rather dismayed at that time, in that I knew that Empathy (from the Heart Chakra) was very much as spiritually-important and valid as working with the upper Chakras. I explained to her that the Heart Chakra is “center of Being”, and that it is like a “bridge” between the physical energies and centers, and the higher-vibrational upper Chakras. I guess I was a bit ahead of most of her students, because she started to see where I was making my point. My mentioning of the importance of the Heart Chakra and how it is a vital “balance-point” between the physical and the spiritual, must have “struck a chord” with her.

Those same feelings and thoughts still have merit and validity today!

The Heart Chakra is a very busy chakra. Energies of Being flow through it in BOTH directions at the same time (when there are no “blockages”). Just as the two different parts of the circulatory system flow the blood from both directions, to the opposite directions – at the same time – so do the etheric and spiritual energies of Being. (Reference to: “As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above.”) This is distinctly another expression of the parallelism between or amongst the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and any other dimensional existence or states of Being. The Heart Chakra is a very powerful Center of Energies, and is also a very busy “bridge” within the body.

The Heart Chakra is also, going from the Earth-upwards, the first chakra I can think of that is capable of actively projecting its type of energies. It also one of the most sensitive chakras when picking up the “subtle energies” of feeling and emotional energies. This probably explains why there are so many different creatures that have a very keen sensitivity to one’s emotional states. “Fear” being of one of the most powerful influences and one of the most easily-detected, is a common carrier-energy of emotion that can either help or severely endanger one who has not gained the ability to control its effects and strength. Love is another exceptionally powerful emotional vibration. It is a state of feeling that can have profound and lasting effects. Anger is another very powerful, sometimes to destructive ends, energetic emotional vibration. There are the right uses of anger, and then there are uses for which can be very destructive and damaging beyond belief. The feeling of Depression can as profound as the previously-mentioned vibrational energies too. There is another subject to discuss in a different article later, depression – and what it is – and what it is NOT.

In closing this piece,

The point I was hoping to make rather clear with this installment, is that the energies of the Heart Chakra, and the various emotional states or vibrations that can be projected AND received/perceived by and from it – can have very powerful and profound effects upon the state of Being. Those of us who have come to realize our own abilities to sense and perceive the emotional states and/or the existing vibrations within a given area, or around certain Beings, come to realize that these “emanations” can be very present and sometimes a little over-powering to us. Sometimes, it is not easy for an natural empath to keep a “clear head” when exposed to the strong emotional vibrations that may exist in an area, building, or a crowd – especially when such emotional states are very strong and perhaps feel very negative. This is a constant practice in working with one’s own chakra system to alleviate the overload of other’s strong emotions being impressed upon ourselves.

However, good practice in quick-meditations and mental exercises in “grounding and centering” and “cleansing” of the chkras, to include the Heart Chakra, come in very handy! I seriously recommend that all Natural Empaths get into the good habit of “Emotional Hygiene” and learn the useful tools of cleansing, ground, and centering of their chakras. This does wonders in helping the empath to “keep a cool head” when there is a lot of stress and emotional “highs” in the area.

In the next installment:

I would like to cover some examples and some possible exercises, for the purposes of “reconnecting” with our inner states of Being, and how to re-find that “lost” empathy. This may also be the good place to discuss the social implications of the “Heartless Society”, and its ever-increasing detachment of its empathy towards others – and the suffering that is allowed and encouraged BY this Apathy.

– Rev. Jim (“Dragon’s Eye”)
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons


7 thoughts on “The Power of the Heart. A Gift from God. Part II

  1. “The idea of “seven” of them is also similarly limited to some cultures but not all others.
    Some have expressed that there may be as many as twelve, twenty-one,
    or as few as three such presences in the body of being.”
    Yes, exactly:
    Do you perchance have a handy reference to the cultures reflecting 12?
    In my experience: each Whorl reflects the Others, so ‘Whorls within Whorls’
    which can become confusing to differentiate as to Which Whorls are Unique to themselves,
    and which Whorls are ‘sub-whorls’ a reflection in One EyE of Another EyE, looking
    (as it were).


  2. Rev Jim~
    Have you any experience/ knowledge of other systems?
    I ask this because, in my experience:
    I have found an ‘8’ based system more correctly reflects my reality,
    and have generally had some difficulty bleshing this w/ the ‘7’ based chakra systems.
    I know that different recorded documentations w/ the 7 chakra system
    touch on this concept a bit, and the ‘whorls within whorls’ approach does as well.
    Biggest problem does appear to be semantic:
    Finding the correct words to allow for translation protocols between Knowledge Pools.
    I am still seeking a resolution to this apparent contradiction to allow me to more easily
    utilize certain clearing patterns that the chakra systems appear to offer…
    I will be interested in your insight into what Depression is, and is Not.
    I do find your comments on Empaths to be spot-on.


    • Actually,

      The “Eighth Chakra” idea seems to be somewhat of a nuance. I remembered seeing references to it a few years ago.

      The Eighth Chakra is said to be the “Bindu” or Bindi (as in the feminine version of the word) Chakra. It is stated to be located at the back of the head, about the area of the “bump” just above the nape of the neck. It is supposed to connect with the “Third Eye” – or – Brow Chakra and with the Crown Chakra. It is the “pathway” that connects the Being, You, with the Heavens. Whereas the Crown Chakra is the outer-most part of your “Personal Space”, the Bindu is that direct connection between you and the Divine Source.

      This also explains why in some cultures, the “high-priest”, or whatever equivalent position of great wisdom and spiritual connection, would wear a headdress that has a flourish of feathers or some kind of symbolism of the open and radiating chakra from the head of said being. Some of the American headdresses also present the position and arrangement of the features as representing the fully open chakra of the wise-folk, who were entrusted with the Divine knowledge to their peoples. It was said to represent that individual as being open to and fully aware of the presence of the Divine Spirit.

      This is also why the Peacock’s tail is such a significant symbol in human spirituality too.

      I hope this gives you a better visual as to some of the meanings of some very old symbols and their relationship to talk of the chakras, etc.

      Thanks for commenting, and thanks for asking!

      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


  3. Actually, according the respected Vedic scholar Vasant Ladd, while the word çhakra ís Sanskrit there is actually no mention of the seven chakras along the spine anywhere in Vedic literature. The Welsh poet Taleisin however writes about seven centers starting from the top of the head going down…I tend to think western Europeans resonate with chakra work because it is from that lineage.


    • Very good!

      The Ancient Vedics had to have a different word or terminology for the aspect of the “seven centers” within the Being, because the Far East has had this aspect of their practices for a very long time. “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” – In describing that these energy centers were constantly moving and rotating in a “wheel-like fashion”.

      Also, the current and older Sanskrit tongues were not necessarily the same language(s) that were spoken by the Vedas. As is habit of any existing language (the changes in English over only the last couple of centuries, for a great example), they do change over time. Certain words and phrases can and often do change meaning, or are replaced altogether.

      Some of the Ancient Greek early medicines described some aspect of what we know of as “Chakras” in some of their practices. Though they may have described them and their importances differently, there is some interesting knowledge that has been mostly forgotten by today’s cultures.

      Also, the idea of Chakras being mainly along the spinal area, is limited to a few specific interpretations and belief systems, but not necessarily in the majority of opinions.

      The idea of “seven” of them is also similarly limited to some cultures but not all others. Some have expressed that there may be as many as twelve, twenty-one, or as few as three such presences in the body of being.

      Still, a very interesting area of study. It seems that Ancient Chinese medicine did very well to record, in writing, much of what their practices were about. Hopefully, enough of the early Chinese medicine survived the Maoist “Cultural Revolution” by be being exported to other areas of the world. Much of it is still an, “Ancient Chinese Secret”, if you will.

      Thanks for you view on this very mysterious and fascinating subject!

      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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