The Power of the Heart. A Gift from God. Part I

As someone who has traveled his path for sometime now,

I have come to learn a few things that not very many “seminaries” even talk about, let alone give any “air-time”. Forget trying to talk about these things to the post-modernistic “scientist”, or toward any “officially-recognized” professional in this “Age of Reason”-modern day world. Yet, commonsense is everything about those “esoteric” things in Life, and they are every bit as commonsense-oriented as the daily necessities of Life when know to be true.

One thing I have really had a time coming to terms with, that and why so many, today, seem very much at a loss for words over its effects (sight-unseen). Now, if only (a lot of “if only’s” seem to be around these days) we could capture the essence of this Divine Gift of deep, profound insight – without relying on actual “sight”, we could all have a better understanding about our world and Nature. I refer to the “sense” of “Inner-Knowing” and “Deep-Feeling(s)” – IE: “Empathy”.

We, as an intelligent Being (sometimes, I really wonder if we really are!), most certainly have the ability of Empathy – sharing the feelings of another, without actually asking him/her or even seeing a facial expression. Our closest animal-companions are very good at it, too! As a matter of fact, that is probably the single biggest reason why our animal-companions react the instant that they do when something goes amiss from the usual, and we may be the epicenter of that “amiss-ness”, if you will.

Very interesting that scientific study after scientific study after yet more scientific study, the “experts” still have no demonstrable evidence or even an inkling WHY and HOW our animals at home can tell when we are on our way home at a certain time, regardless when we leave for home or based on how many pit-stops along the way. They just seem to “know” exactly when we will be there! We’ve heard all the reasons and scientific mumbo-jumbo pointing to “they heard the familiar car’s sounds in the distance” and “they know the schedule” and blah-blah-blah. Yet, none of those answers can be proven correct, and very rarely have they proven when the “schedule” is inconsistent from the “usual”. There must be another answer that these “experts” are unwilling to even entertain, or can not grasp and hold on to within the framework of a scientifically-accepted “theory”. They do not know for sure, and yet they will downplay and even deny any other not-so-present “anomalies” as the possibility!


“Empathy” is given as that quality of having or sharing the feelings of another (understood more to be -compassionate- of the other(s) in his/her(their) time(s) of distress). However, the ancient wise-folk understood it quite differently, and quite a bit more expanded in view, perception, and as a basis of Living as a creature of Nature. Empathy, in its most basic form and idea, is actually feeling the presence of or “resonating with” the feelings of another. It is an “innate” sense much like instinct, intuition, and to some clairvoyance. Instinct is often used as the explanation by today’s science because its actions are readily visible, repeatable, and can be rationalized. Much of the “hidden” powers of Nature can NOT be so easily rationalized, because they do not register on the various test and diagnostic equipment used in many scientific evaluations. There again, “Love” can not be statistically measured or quantified either, yet it still is and is still accepted to exist. We claim it, give it, and revel in it when we are at the center of receiving it. Yet, it remains a mystery, to even describe it in rational terminology is a major exercise in mental ability. It just IS!

Mankind and the Power of the Heart.

When we talk about the Power of the Heart, we are talking about more than just some of our emotional feelings that we could attempt to describe in scholarly, rational terms. The Heart has always been recognized as a very power center of personal power, and as a median or in the center of our “body”. Though this is not exactly the case, physically, it does enter into that description when referring to the Chakric System, and as one of the key foundations we may mistakenly take actions (as in under the influence of strong emotion(s) ) on the basis of. The Heart has a physical importance that is immediately obvious when takes a look at its primary function: To pump our circulatory system so that our blood is used to move nutrients and oxygen to where it is needed, and help remove wastes to be relocated to the elimination system. However, the Heart also serves a very vital function on the basis of personality and of Being: To communicate the unseen language of feeling towards another or others – as well as perceive his/her/their feeling(s). This is one of the ways of a gregarious species, to build and maintain social “bonds” with those around it. The more gregarious species will have more use of Empathy in their day-to-day socialization. It is like an “invisible web” that interweaves and connects each member of a close-knit social unit together. In effect, the whole community would be more able to share certain important feelings, or emotional effects, that also often helps to improve the survivability of the individuals within that community.

The Human Species is really no exception, when it comes to “social character” of relationships and interlocking relationships with others in our “community-web”. As we gain more friends, acquaintances, etc. and come to know them personally, we become more accustomed to their general state of feeling, and perhaps even aware of certain times where they may be out of their usual emotional state or personality expression. This may even be, long before the first word is spoken or facial expression presented. THAT is a sign of an “empathic bond” between two or more people who are very familiar with each other. That “inner-knowing” that speaks silently among those in or near proximity to each other. Yet, today’s “science” does not recognize the “invisible communication” that may be taking place right in front of the observers and evaluators. Therefore, the Powers of the Heart are not recognized by “officialdom”, and are ostracized and denied by those of “scientific disciplines”.

The trait of “Compassion” relies very much on the shared feelings between or among others. It is very dependent on the little-recognized sense of empathy. Without empathy, compassion simply does not exist in the equation. Without empathy, one is more likely to experience apathy – the void of feeling towards or for another’s predicament. Apathy is about as cold in a social setting as having no feeling for anything at all. One who is apathetic, is most likely to have, in effect, “turned off” his/her Heart-Power (empathy) and rendered him/herself incapable of sharing any feeling or even sensing the feelings of another. Our expressions for such an individual would range from “cold-hearted”, “heartless”, and many closely similar expressions. They conveniently (and accurately) refer to the (invisible) condition of one’s “heart” (as a center of power) as being “off” or inactive. Said individual would even be described as “insensitive”!

In the next part (will be titled: The Power of the Heart. A Gift from God. Part II),

I will dissect some of the ancient wisdoms and knowledge about the Heart and its powers, as well as delve deeper into the more esoteric knowledge about the powers as expressed by natural empaths. The Heart Chakra also plays a key role in our state of Being, as well as being in the “Center of Our Being”. It plays a very important function on the basis of it being the center or forth Chakra in our seven Chakra alignments.

I invite any comments on this article, and even if there are any suggestions you may have for inclusion into the next installment. Please be Well, and Be Blessed, Always and Much.

– Rev. Jim (“Dragon’s Eye”)
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons



Love to hear your thoughts.

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