The old “Home of Dragon’s Eye” has been moved!

ImageFinally decided to move my old “Home of Dragon’s Eye” homepage over to my newer location and update it.

I was thinking that AngelFire was getting a bit stale and some of its ad sponsors were severely hurting the site’s reputation with some of the sites that evaluate others’ websites. I was especially not too happy about the fact that it was ANGELFIRE’s lack of screening their sponsors BEFORE choosing to plaster their ads on our “free” homepage accounts, regardless if these were ads that led to very “spammy”, unethical clients! Having a site safety/trust rating of %40 is NOT what I call very satisfactory.

Plus, their file-upload system likes to break frequently. I have had to use their out-dated web-shell access to make any changes to css and html files, rather than do the changes on my own computer and then upload them to the site. This was getting very old and very tedious!

Plus, AngelFire’s accounts are not very competitive as compared to several others I have checked. The service I have now is pretty fair, BUT . . . some of their tech-support folks seem to be lacking in some important knowledge, and/or are not very attentive to detail when it comes to helping a client resolve his/her issue. Thank the Dragons that I have some considerable computing and web-design experience under my belt! I was able to resolve most of my own technical issues by doing a little reading on-line and testing some of the solutions until I had the perfect fixes. After all, isn’t that how we all learn something?

Please don’t get me wrong, here!

AngelFire may still be a good service for those who are unfamiliar about designing websites. I just feel that there are those of us who eventually out-grow what limited features AngelFire has to offer, unless you have adequate finances to afford their premier package, “THE Plan” – which still does not quite compete with a lower-cost version on say, HostGator, 000WebHost, or others like them.

So, the NEW “Home of Dragon’s Eye” is at: (or just click on the nav-menu link for it).

I will also be getting ready to tie together the RSS-feeds between this blog, the “Temple’s Blog”, and perhaps – with my new “Home” site. It just might make things a little easier for me to be able to automatically share my posts across all the sites I have on the web.

As for my 000WebHost free account,

I have it temporarily redirecting all requests to the “Temple Site”, until I decide what to do with it. I have some idea what I want to use it for being that it is still a fairly good webhosting account. I just can not stand that their MySQL server likes to crash on occasion. Therefore, that limits what CMS’s I should use with it for generating site content. I may just use my very own PHP-framework for it like what I use for the “Temple’s” main front page. I designed this PHP framework from scratch, and it loads very quickly because it is so light-weight and portable! >;=))====


Cheers to all and thank you, Topaz Dragon, for considering my blog to be worthy of your following! I like to teach, and I like to share what I have learned and discovered with all. Dragonkin are very special to me! They are my brothers and sisters!


” In Peace, Love, and Light! “

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye



Love to hear your thoughts.

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